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Ludum de re republicae roughly translates to a game of politics, which is exactly what this is. Take your nation through the ages, researching advanced technologies, establishing colonies, and going to war with your neighbours! Not all government work is fun, however, and you must be careful to balance your citizens' happiness and support, lest you lead them to open rebellion, and you also must keep in mind that just about every action you take as the government has a monetary cost.

Mange your nation's future, ambitions, people, and money, or lose in the end.


  • 1-4 Players (local versus)
  • 2 Game Modes:
    • Technology: Game ends when 1 nation researches all technologies
    • Turns: Game ends after a preset number of rounds
  • A system of random events that can either aid or destroy your nation


Audio and Programming: The_Scientist___

Game Design and Artwork: Niftty


Ludum De Re Republicae v.1.0.0.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file, then leave everything in the extracted folder. Double-click the executable file to play.

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