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Your ship has just been sucked through a wormhole and shot out on the other side of the galaxy! Now you must make the ten-lightyear journey back home.

Currently the game is semi-stable (I think I removed all the game-breaking bugs, but expect unexpected behaviour), and I update it relatively often.


  • 75 Levels
  • 15 Boss Battles
  • Keyboard and GamePad input
  • Upgrades for your ship


Made by me, The_Scientist___. I spent a lot of time on this project, and, as such, hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Rather important note: This only works for 64-bit Windows devices!

Just extract the file to whatever location you'd like. It's best to keep everything in the 'Ten Lightyears' folder so that the data.win file doesn't get overwritten.

To play the game, open the 'Ten Lightyears.exe' file. If a security popup appears, click 'More Information' to make the 'Run Anyway' button appear.


Ten Lightyears v.2.8.4.zip 287 MB

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